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King Heritage

“From the beginning, we weren't content to make ordinary furniture...we wanted to design better furniture.

When you sit down on King furniture, it’s almost magical.”

– David King.



Since 1977, the King brand has consolidated a reputation for furniture of exceptional quality and highly refined detailing.

A reputation cemented in an uncompromising commitment to creating timeless products and spaces.




A King product is an investment, not just a piece of furniture. It is an item that can be reconditioned, renewed and even collected.

Its design isn't just how it looks but how it works too. Our products are designed with decades not years in mind.


“We started making simple, pure designs. They were clean, understated and not full of ornamentation.

We didn’t follow the traditional ways of making furniture, we did things our way, which was different.”

- David King



Design should be timeliness, otherwise it's merely a trend.

When buying for the home, the home in essence is an individual, and so like the individual we don't aspire to fit in rather we look for what will endure.

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The value of a work of art lies in the

flowering of the craftsmans skill.

"We deliberately avoid unnecessary ornamentation. We like to keep a clean aesthetic."


- David King


We invite you to explore the optimistic view of living with simplicity and significant synergy

that comes when function and comfort meet as one in our spaces.

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Discover the King Difference