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The perfect Christmas lunch with Neale Whitaker

Welcome to A Very Berry Christmas with Neale Whitaker.   

Set inside Neale’s brand-new guest house at his property in Berry on NSW South Coast, the scene is one of outdoor beauty, delicious food, and, most importantly, great friends.   

“What makes every Christmas lunch special is the people,” Neale shares from his expansive backyard, surrounded by nature in every direction that he shares with his partner, David.   

Guests at Neale’s Christmas lunch included his close family friends Teresa Lopez and Christina Henriksson, as well as Michelle Bishop owner of Bangalay Dining and Villas and Michelle Collison, owner of Shady Fig Florist in Berry. 



The perfect Christmas lunch experience is created when food, the right location, and great company come together.   

“David and I are pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas. Today's Christmas lunch is going to be a real departure from what we normally do.” Neale shares. 

Explore Neale’s Christmas menu and idyllic guest house and find inspiration for your holiday events during this special time of year. 


Pictured above is Neale’s brand-new guest accommodation. 


Explore Taylor's of Berry


Every great Christmas lunch needs a venue, whether that’s an intimate home setting, embracing the outdoors, or a family favourite restaurant.   

Taylor’s of Berry is guest accommodation Neale and his partner David designed and created for their property at Berry, which has been the centerpiece of this year's Christmas lunch.  


Neale and his partner David's guest house is alive with Christmas spirit


For Neale, the focus was on creating a retreat where guests could enjoy the naturally beautiful surroundings.  

“We just wanted a very simple black barn that was all about this wonderful location and amazing view. It’s all about luxury and comfort, relaxation and tranquillity.” 


Simon (left), sharing some of his ingredient choices with Neale.


Celebrate a food experience journey


Simon Evans, one of the best Chefs on the south coast, is the creative mind behind Neale's delightful Christmas lunch.  

Simon is Executive Chef at Bangalay Dining in Shoalhaven Heads and is the region's most-hatted chef. Located at Bangalay Luxury Villas, Bangalay Dining emphasise local and native ingredients inspired by its natural coastal surroundings and have recently been awarded with their first Chef Hat.  

“It’s a real treat and a real privilege to have him come to our guest accommodation and cook for us," Neale shared.  

Simon is passionate about local ingredients and the way food brings people together.  

“Food really is the best way to connect people. Seeing people really enjoy and have such an emotional experience is the main part of being a chef" - Simon Evans. 


Simon has created the ideal Christmas lunch, emphasising local, fresh ingredients. 


Designing the ideal Christmas dining experience


Local, fresh and in-season produce were the heroes of Simon’s menu design. And in an area like NSW's South Coast, there is an abundance of options to enjoy.   

“We have this amazing array of terrains and climates. There’s a plethora of ingredients and produce that can be grown here... We get this beautiful seafood, and it can come to us so fresh because it’s grown right on our doorstep” - Simon Evans.


On arrival


Oysters, finger lime mignonette.  




Lake Illawarra mullet sashimi, red witlof, blood orange, tarama.  
Eastern rock lobster, finger lime, salmon roe, oscietra, beurre blanc.   




Sirloin, pepperleaf bearnaise, warrigal greens.  
Murray cod, karkalla, rock samphire, lemon myrtle butter. 




The Pines yoghurt pannacotta, candied macadamia, strawberries cooked in strawberry gum. 



The Quay Dining Table and Luna Dining Chairs help create the ideal setting in Neale’s guest accommodation. 


Christmas is an opportunity to connect


Life is incredibly fast-paced these days, and the holidays can bring stress.   

But these are also times that serve as a reminder for us to truly connect with people in our life, whether that is with family members, extended family, neighbours, or our community.  

“Christmas gives us an all too rare opportunity to gather around the table” - Neale Whitaker. 

Taking the time to create memories, relax and enjoy company is what the holiday season is all about.  

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