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King Living Max Sofa review: laidback modular sofa design

Meet the Max Sofa 

With a bold minimalist design built for laidback lounging, the Max Sofa instantly creates a feeling of relaxation. 

If you’re searching for the perfect sofa design, there are many factors to consider – from comfort and style to size and modular design.  

Choosing a sofa is a personal choice, and an important one. The King Living Max Sofa review is here to break down the features and benefits to help you decide if Max is right for you.  


Featuring Max Package 2 in Amalfi Natural fabric.


Is the Max Sofa style right for you?



Max is all about bold simplicity. A celebration of deep-seated comfort and distinctive design, Max brings a relaxed sophistication to your living space. 

If you’re seeking a design that offers a more laidback aesthetic for family living – Max may fit your styling needs. 

The deep seats are finished with plush box tufting, which welcomes a sense of sink-in comfort that brings a sense of home to your living space.  

Combined with clean lines and generous seat cushions, Max provides a luxurious seating experience – you will instantly want to curl up with a book or watch your favourite film. 


Featuring Max in Amalfi Natural, Crescent Ottoman in Olley Rustic, Issho Side Table in American Walnut, Apero Side Table in Graphite, Seymour Chair in Futuro Palomino and the Nomad Rug in Natural.


Do you require a modular design?


One of the main lifestyle benefits of choosing Max is its modular sofa design. While modular design isn’t essential when choosing a sofa – it does bring huge advantages in terms of flexibility. 

Modular components seamlessly reconfigure to suit your lifestyle and your space – which means if you move homes, you won’t be stuck with a setting that doesn’t fit your new space. 

Max can be arranged into countless configurations that are made up of individual chairs, corner modules and ottomans which combine into the shape that suits your space and lifestyle most. 


The Max Sofa offers a laidback, relaxed style. 


Finding the right comfort


Max is engineered for comfort. 

The supportive bolster and back cushion can be adjusted, which gives the flexibility to find your personal comfort level. 

Like all King Living Sofas, Max features a steel frame that supports the Postureflex® Seating System. 

These components work together to provide the ultimate in support and lasting comfort, backed by the 25-year steel frame warranty. 

The plush seats are crafted from multiple comfort levels and feature memory foam cushions, while the back cushions are made from a combination of feather and ultradown with a high-density foam bolster.  

If you require a sofa in the main living space that will be used regularly and provides luxurious comfort, Max is a great option. 


Max features a distinctive plush box tufting.


Choosing the right Max Sofa package


The Max Sofa is available in three different packages and a separate matching Ottoman. 

  • Max Package 1 – Includes 2 Corner modules, 2 Chair Armless modules, 4 Back Cushions, and 2 Square Panama Cushion’s. This package can be configured in 5 different ways. 
  • Max Package 2 – Includes 2 Corner modules, 2 Chair Armless modules, 4 Back Cushions, 2 Square Panama Cushion’s and 1 Ottoman. This package can be configured in 6 different ways. 
  • Max Package 3 – Includes 2 Corner modules, 3 Chair Armless, 1 Ottoman, 5 Back Cushions, and 2 Square Panama Cushions. This package can be configured in 6 different ways. 

 For more information and to view the configuration options, view the Max Product Card. 


Every King Living sofa features removable covers. 


Tailored removable covers


Like all King Living Sofas, Max features removable covers in your choice of premium fabric or European leather.  

Removable covers have many great benefits that help your sofa to last a lifetime.  

The covers are easily removed for professional cleaning and can even be replaced for a fresh new look with the King Living recovering service.  

If one module on your Max Sofa is damaged this can be replaced – meaning you save on replacing all the covers and won’t need to purchase a new sofa.  

It’s one of the many ways King Living ensures your furniture lasts a lifetime. 


Max is engineered for comfort.  


Learn more about the Max Sofa


The Max Sofa is a bold and minimalist design that instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere. Wondering if Max is right for you? Here is a summary of the King Living Max Sofa review to consider: 

  • Relaxed style: With its deep-seated comfort and distinctive design, Max brings a laidback aesthetic to your living space.  
  • Modular sofa design: The Max Sofa offers flexibility and allows for easy reconfiguration to suit your lifestyle and space.  
  • Engineered for comfort: Max features adjustable cushions and a steel frame that provides support and lasting comfort.  
  • Removable covers add convenience and longevity to the sofa, allowing for easy cleaning and replacement.  

If you're looking for a stylish, comfortable, and versatile sofa that will stand the test of time, the Max Sofa may be right for you. 

For more information, shop the Max Sofa or visit your nearest King Living Showroom. 

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